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Sell Gold in Milwaukee, What You Need To Know:

Top Cash Paid For Unwanted Gold, Silver, & Diamonds from Powers Jewelry Designers

Top Dollar paid for gold ringsHonesty and integrity make Powers the best place in Milwaukee to sell your unwanted gold.  Powers Jewelry Designers is a member in good standing of the Milwaukee business community, a part of Milwaukee for over 33 years. Powers pays the highest prices for gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, and precious gemstone jewelry. Do you have a kinked gold chain, a single earring, some out of style gold jewelry, or an unwanted engagement ring from Mr. Wrong? The highest price paid for gold and other precious metals is at Powers Jewelry Designers.

Powers Jewelry Designers turns your unwanted gold into something more useful. Bring in your unwanted gold, platinum, silver and diamond jewelry to Powers and receive the highest prices paid in the metropolitan Milwaukee area. With Powers Jewelry Designers right here in Milwaukee paying top prices for gold, why would anyone mail gold or diamond jewelry across the country on the promise of a fair price and a check in the mail? Why attend a "gold buying event" at a rented hotel room and sell your valuable items to a stranger when you have no assurance of their integrity, and no idea where they will be next week?

Powers Jewelry Designers are here to serve you, as we have been for three decades, at the corner of Broadway and Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee.

Powers Jewelers of Milwaukee pasy highest prices gold jewelry, gold watches, and diamonds.Some things to consider when selling gold in Milwaukee are:

Gold, platinum, and silver are traded on the commodities exchange market and their prices change daily. Powers Jewelry Designers will use the daily current market prices when purchasing jewelry.

Many places that buy gold in Milwaukee pay you for only the metal weight of the piece. Powers Jewelry Designers will also pay you for stones of value in your piece or dismount and return them to you if you wish.

Your gold, platinum, and silver fine jewelry is not pure precious metal. The precious metals have been alloyed with other metals for appearance and strength.18 Karat gold is is approximately 75% pure gold, 14 Karat 58% pure gold, platinum is typically 90-95% pure, sterling silver 92% pure. Purity depends also on where and when the piece was manufactured. Powers Jewelry Designers will test your jewelry for karat content and answer any questions you have on the purity of your items.

With the exception of some antique and high fashion pieces, most of the gold jewelry we buy will be melted and the pure gold will be recovered. You are under no obligation to sell your jewelry after we evaluate it for you. If a piece of jewelry has sentimental value to you, you can keep it, or pass it down to loved ones as a family keepsake. You might want to consider another option as well. Why not remake your older jewelry into something new that reflects your personal taste and incorporates the gemstones and precious metal that carry a meaning for you? Our artisans specialize in making your dreams a reality!

If you intend to sell gold, platinum or silver in any form, including dental gold, sterling silver flatware, gold or diamond jewelry, even loose diamonds, you will receive the highest price paid in cash in Milwaukee at Powers Jewelry Designers. Selling gold in Milwaukee? Stop at Powers today, you'll be glad you did.

Powers Jewelry Designers were recently on TMJ4's I-Team Investigation. In an undercover shopper experiment, the I-Team went to local jewelry stores in Milwaukee and tried selling a class ring. Powers Jewelry Designers had the highest offer by more than $100! Quality, Value, & Integrity are more than a slogan around here. If you can't even trust your jeweler to buy fairly from you, how can you expect them to make you a fair sale either? Whenever selling unwanted gold or diamonds, make sure you shop around...then shop at Powers.

 W H A T ' S  T H E  P R I C E  O F  G O L D  T O D A Y ?

Top Cash Paid For Your Unwanted Gold, Silver, & Diamonds at Powers Jewelry Designers!

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