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Flawless Clarity in Milwaukee GIA Graded Diamonds

The clarity of a diamond refers to the absence of blemishes, inclusions, and other imperfections in a diamond. Ranging from flawless to included, the clarity of the diamond is determined by analyzing aspects such as the number, size, and position of these imperfections. While no diamond is perfectly pure, the closer it comes to purity, the higher the clarity.

To the untrained eye, certain miniscule blemishes and inclusions may look the same. In reality, however, these blemishes are often very different and greatly affect the diamond’s clarity grade. Professional GIA diamond evaluators at Powers Jewelry ensure all of our diamonds are the highest clarity grade engagement rings, men’s wedding bands, ladie's wedding bands, bracelets, and other gold & diamond jewelry in the Milwaukee area.

The other three factors of a diamond’s 4 C’s that determine overall value: Color, Cut, & Carat Weight.

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