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Highest GIA Graded Diamond Color in Milwaukee

Diamond color grading evaluation is actually based on the lack of color in a diamond. Naturally, the more pure and colorless the diamond is, the higher the grade. GIA’s color grading system ranges from D-to-Z. D being absolutely colorless and Z being light or yellow hue in color. A superior chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond will have no hue, like a drop of water.

Many grades in the GIA scale are undetectable to the untrained eye. GIA expert diamond graders at Powers Jewelry have the skill and experience to properly evaluate a diamond, giving Powers Jewelry the best selection of high color grade engagement rings, men’s wedding bands, ladies wedding bands, bracelets, and other gold & diamond jewelry in Milwaukee.

The other three factors of a diamond’s 4 C’s that determine overall value: Clarity, Cut, & Carat Weight.

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