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Powers Jewelry Designers Is The Place For GIA Certified Diamonds

Powers Jewelry Designers is the place to buy GIA certified diamonds in Milwaukee. Our Resident Diamond Graders are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America and certified in diamonds and diamond grading by the most recognized school of gemology in the world. For you as a Milwaukee diamond buyer, our expertise provides an added assurance of the accuracy of diamond Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. 

Diamond certification is a detailed process. A GIA Graded Diamond lab report (commonly called GIA Certification) will tell you exactly how large your diamond is (Carat), exactly what shape and how proportional and polished your diamond is (Cut), exactly how free of blemishes and inclusions your diamond is (Clarity) and your diamond report will tell you exactly what (Color) your diamond is. These characteristics are known as the 4 C's of diamonds grading. When buying diamonds in Milwaukee a better choice is to buy certified diamonds at Powers. Powers Jewelry has great pricing, no gimmick diamond lines or marketing tricks and the best selection across all diamond certification levels in Milwaukee.

The truth about GIA's history and purpose...In 1931 Robert Shipley formed the Gemological Institute of America, a nonprofit institution to promote honesty, accuracy and integrity in the jewelry business. In the 1940s He established the 4 C's and the INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND GRADING SYSTEM that is used exclusively world wide. Many other disreputable gem labs have emerged using the GIA system inaccurately. Many jewelers also misrepresent GIA grading. In 1953 the GIA began issuing lab reports, commonly called certificates.

Multiple GIA gemologists use the finest equipment to independently grade a diamond and a supervisor also has input to determine the accurate grade for cut color and clarity. This process will determine if the diamond is synthetic or natural and if any unnatural treatments have been used to alter a diamonds quality. When we say a diamond is GIA certified, it means the stone has been graded in a GIA Laboratory and is accompanied by a genuine GIA lab report. Today the GIA microscopically engraves the certificate # on the girdle of the diamond to guarantee forever that the diamond corresponds with the original certificate. If you want to know FOR SURE the quality of the diamond you are buying have it certified by Powers Jewelry Designers and GIA!

At Powers Jewelry Designers you will find GIA certified diamonds in all different sizes, qualities, and price points at the guaranteed lowest price. We want you to understand and know exactly what you are paying for and to feel good about your diamond purchase. A GIA diamond certification is the first step to a purchase you can feel great about.



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Our GIA Certified Diamonds Are Guaranteed To Be The Lowest Price, Or Your Money Back!



Buy Powers, Buy Certified Diamonds, & Feel Confident About Your Purchase!

Watch This GIA Video On How To Choose A Certified Diamond...

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